Alumno Developments , a specialist and highly experienced developer of high-quality student accommodation and educational facilities in the UK, has established a new venture to undertake similar projects in Poland’s principal cities and key educational hubs. 
Our development and management teams have developed over 7,000 (award-winning) bed spaces in the UK over the past decade, many in conjunction with leading UK universities. Our intention is to undertake similar development of high-standard schemes in Poland, where we believe we can add value and address the under supply of student housing via the provision of dedicated modern accommodation. Poland has an extensive and thriving higher education system and the promotion of infrastructure to support this is crucial to its continued evolution. 
Alumno Polska is currently working on opportunities that would facilitate the development of off-campus accommodation, from 100 up to 1000-unit schemes, within close proximity to the main universities and within easy reach of city centre amenities. We are interested in speaking with organisations and stakeholders that share our interest and ambition to promote more living choices and options for students studying in Poland. 
If you would like to discuss further or arrange a meeting please get in touch via our contact page. To see some of our previous and current projects, click here.  

David Campbell 
Managing Director